Our Legal Services

Let Our Office Help You

Our office serves all of your family's legal needs.  Whether you have family law questions, criminal matter, collection concerns, landlord/tenant issues or are interested in basic estate planning, we can help you.  

Family Law

Divorce, Dissolution, Legal Separation and Annulment are available options for termination of your marriage.  Our office will meet with you to discuss the best option for your particular situation.  What's important to you becomes important to us. We are prepared to represent you as assertively as need be or work with you on an amicable resolution.  

We are experienced with all aspects including shared parenting, sole custody, parenting time schedules, division of assets/liabilities, restraining orders, identifying and tracing separate property, lost property, misappropriated funds, spousal and child support orders, preparation of QDRO/DOPO to divide retirement assets and protecting business interests. We also understand the impact of substance abuse and mental health issues on families and can provide restraining orders, orders for supervised parenting, and protection orders.

In those instances where domestic violence is present, our office can provide resources, prepare Petitions for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Orders to represent you as execute your safety plan.  

Juvenile Law

What if you were never married?  Your case will proceed in the Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division.  Our office has over twenty years of experience representing parents and children involved in the Juvenile Court.  We will represent you in your custody, parenting time, parenting plans, support, paternity, adoption, abuse, neglect, dependency and emancipation cases.   We have also served as a Guardian-Ad-Litem when the court appoints counsel as a GAL to represent the "best interest" of the child(ren).   

We also represent juveniles who find themselves facing delinquency charges based an allegations of criminal behavior.  

Criminal Law

Nothing turns your world upside down more suddenly than finding yourself or a loved one facing a criminal offense.  Our office handles serious felony offenses, drug offenses, misdemeanors, probation violations, traffic and juvenile delinquency cases.  We can quickly explain the process over the phone and often schedule an office conference the same or next day.  

Final Directives/Estate Planning/Deeds

We make preparing your Last Will and Testament, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney an informative and comfortable process.  During our meeting, we will discuss your current situation to ensure your assets are distributed in accordance with your final wishes.  We can also prepare Financial Durable Power of Attorney for you in the event you need assistance with managing your finances.  Many times, we can insure your real estate transfers seamlessly.